The Zeal of a Godly Man

As described in The Godly Man’s Picture by Puritan Thomas Watson:

True zeal cannot bear an injury done to God

Zeal makes the blood rise when God’s honor is impeached. “I know your works, and your labor, and your patience, and how you cannot tolerate those who are evil” (Rev. 2:2). He who zealously loves his friend, cannot hear him spoken against and be silent.

Zeal that is genuine loves truth when it is despised and opposed

“They have made void your law. Therefore I love your commandments above gold” (Psalm 119:126,127). The more others deride holiness, the more we love it. What is religion the worse, for others disgracing it? Does a diamond sparkle the less because a blind man disparages it? The more outrageous the wicked are against the truth, the more courageous the godly are for it. When Michal scoffed at David’s pious dancing before the ark, he said, “If this is to be vile, I will yet be more vile” (2 Sam. 6:22).

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New Turley Site Released!

As we are now married and have moved to Tennessee, it seemed appropriate to change our site a bit (hence the long delay since our last post). We’ve traded in the Alamo banner for a shot I took last Spring while in England with Mr. Keen, Mr. Carpenter and Matt Chancey. There are still a few issues to be worked out here and there (primarily in IE), but we were anxious to make the switch, so here it is!

Below is a picture of my wife and me standing on the hilltop of our Hill Country property in Pipe Creek, Texas a few weeks ago while in the San Antonio area. Look for more posts in the near future!

Our Texas Hilltop

Our Texas Hilltop

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