The Turleys Meet Ted Cruz

As a Christian father on the lookout for ways to inspire my sons to godliness and principled living, I was grateful for the opportunity to attend the Ted Cruz rally in Trussville, Alabama with my family. I had no idea, however, that we would end up meeting him face to face and my boys would have the chance to talk with him and shake his hand. Calvin in particular was on cloud nine, and I have a feeling he’ll look back on that experience as one which holds special significance to him in a way that prompts him towards excellence.


Calvin thrilled to see Ted Cruz at the Trussville rally


Calvin and Christian meet their own Texas Senator, Ted Cruz


“What beautiful blue eyes you have, Genesis,” commented Senator Cruz


It’s not everyday you get to play with presidential candidates’ children!


Back home and inspired—unprompted, Calvin breaks out the Ted Cruz biography

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The Peril of a “Boundless Field of Power”

If we are to agree with the ratification of a national bank, what is to stop the fed from imposing an income tax on laborers? If that is passed uncontested, what prevents the fed from levying a property tax, whereby property is never truly the possession of the buyer? If that is tolerated, what prevents the wholesale confiscation of arms under the guise of public safety? If even that is ratified, what precedence is there to resist the imposing of a nation-wide health care on the people? The answer…. there is none. And thus the forbidden door has been opened and we become prey to the “boundless field of power” as eloquently decried by Thomas Jefferson in the below response to the proposed creation of a national bank (15 Feb. 1791Papers 19:275–80):


“I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground that “all powers not delegated to the U.S. by the Constitution, not prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states or to the people” [10th Amendmt.]. To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition.”

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A Refreshing Dose of Political Gall

It’s not all bad news! In a recent bold move, rookie Texas senator, Ted Cruz, blasted Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel in a letter chiding him for his role in bullying banks to discontinue business with American firearms manufacturers. His inspiring socialist-agenda-blasting, constitution-affirming letter is below.

cruz-letter-page1 cruz-letter-page2

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Secession: An American Principle

As of last week, close to 700,000 signatures had been affixed to various petitions calling for secession. Petitions have been filed for all 50 states on the ‘We the People’ petition forum. Seven of these petitions have gathered more than the 25,000 signatures required to warrant a response from the White House, and several more are on track to reach that same milestone. Here is a snapshot from that forum:


While these petitions will not serve to accomplish anything in and of themselves, it is a helpful pulse on the growing discontent and political awakening of a people abused by an overreaching federal government. Here is a brief synopsis of the issue of secession by Ron Paul that I thought was helpful and concise:

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Agenda: Grinding America Down

We watched a film a few nights back called Agenda: Grinding America Down. It’s an incredibly informative and sobering look into the history of and incomprehensible success of the Marxist/Socialist/Communist movement. The film won this year’s $101,000 Grand Prize Jubilee Award at the San Antonio Independent Film Festival and I highly recommend it. Find it at or on Vision Forum’s web site.

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Will Vermont Secede?

In light of my post from December 26, I found this article to be interestingly timed. If states truly were to begin seceding, how ironic it would be that it should take place during the administration of a president who goes to great lengths to liken himself to Abe Lincoln. According to the article, nine state office candidates favor secession.

SHELBURNE, Vt. — Peter Garritano thinks it’s time for Vermont to call it quits with America.

The way the 54-year-old automobile salesman sees it, the “empire” is about to implode, and tiny Vermont can lead the way by becoming its own independent republic. So he’s running for lieutenant governor, topping a slate of secession-minded candidates seeking statewide offices this year.

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When Enough is Enough…

Declaration of Independence and Ordinance Dissolving the Federal Relations Between the State of Tennessee and the United States of America

First. We, the people of the State of Tennessee, waiving any expression of opinion as to the abstract doctrine of secession, but asserting the right, as a free and independent people, to alter, reform, or abolish, our form of Government in such manner as we think proper, do ordain and declare that all the laws and ordinances by which the State of Tennessee became a member of the Federal Union of the United States of America, are hereby abrogated and annulled, and that all obligations on our part be withdrawn therefrom; and we do hereby resume all the rights, functions, and powers which by any of said laws and ordinances were conveyed to the Government of the United States, and absolve ourselves from all the obligations, restraints, and duties incurred thereto; and do hereby henceforth become a free, sovereign and independent State.

Second. We furthermore declare and ordain that article 10, sections 1 and 2, of the constitution of the State of Tennessee, which requires members of the General Assembly and all officers, civil and military, to take an oath to support the Constitution of the United States be, and the same are hereby, abrogated and annulled, and all parts of the constitution of the State of Tennessee making citizenship of the United States a qualification for office and recognizing the Constitution of the United States as the supreme law of this State are in like manner abrogated and annulled.

Third. We furthermore ordain and declare that all rights acquired and vested under the Constitution of the United States, or under any act of Congress passed in pursuance thereof, or under any laws of this State, and not incompatible with this ordinance, shall remain in force and have the same effect as if this ordinance had not been passed.

—The Thirty-Third Tennessee General Assembly, April 1861
Page 16 of the Public Acts of the State of Tennessee Passed at the General Assembly, Vol. 2

In light of the general degradation and tyrannizing of our once-great nation, and specifically now in the shadow of the seemingly inevitable passage of the socialistic “Obamacare”, might we again expect to see something like this?

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