Today I’m 34. God is gracious and I’ve been the continual recipient of that which I do not deserve and He has no doubt withheld from me that which I do deserve (punishment for sin). As I grow older, I find myself more frequently taking inventory of my life. I ask the Lord to help me be faithful, to love Him more, and to use me for His purposes. I’ve also found it profitable, inspiring and convicting to take inventory of history and to take note of the men (and women) who have left their mark on the world. Just for fun, I’ve compiled what I’m sure is a woefully incomplete list of men (and their ages at death) who were allotted only as many years (at most) on this earth as I have already lived, but who nonetheless are known to all the world for their significant contributions to history (for good or ill).

Edward VI of England (15)
Nathan Hale (21)
Billy the Kid (21)
John “Gallant” Pelham (24)
Patrick Hamilton (24)
William Travis (26)
John Wilkes Booth (27)
Jim Elliot (28)
Franz Schubert (31)
General J.E.B. Stuart (31)
Alexander the Great (32)
Our Lord, Jesus Christ (33)
William Wallace (33)
General Hiram Granbury (33)
George Wishart (33)
Jesse James (34) (for non-revisionist history of Jesse James click here)
—– Bonus Years :) —–
Mozart (35)
Henry V of England (35)