Four Years Today

We are undeserving, but God is good. Below is a shot from our wedding day. Also below is one of my favorite commentaries on true love and marriage that we have framed on our bedroom wall.

Our Wedding Day — Four Years Ago Today

Our Wedding Day — Four Years Ago Today

“In the time of health, you must often and seriously remind each other of the time when death will make the separation; and live together daily as those that are still expecting the parting hour….Reprove everything in one another, which would be an unwelcome memory at death. If you see each other dull and slow in heavenliness, or living in vanity, worldliness, or sloth, as if you had forgotten that you must shortly die, stir up one another to do all without delay which the approach of such a day requireth.

And when death is at hand, oh then what abundance of tenderness, and seriousness, and skill, and diligence, is needful for one, that hath the last office of love to perform, to the departing soul of so near a friend! Oh then what need will there be of your most wise, and faithful, and diligent help!….They that are utterly unprepared and unfit to die themselves, can do little to prepare or help another. But they that live together as the heirs of heaven, and converse on earth as fellow travellers to the land of promise, may help and encourage the souls of one another, and joyfully part at death, as expecting quickly to meet again in life eternal.”

—Excerpt from “The Mutual Duties Of Husbands And Wives Towards Each Other” by Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

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