Five years today!! I’m grateful for God’s gift of a faithful wife. Below is an ode to my wife, whom I love more now than ever.

On Our Wedding Day! March 22, 2008

On Our Wedding Day! March 22, 2008

A lustrum crown adorns her head,
Jewel-studded diadem;
A costly stone for each year gone,
Is fitly set therein.

Five years agone this selfsame day,
I sought her heart to win;
And since that time, her heart’s been mine,
Through seasons thick and thin.

Never falt’ring, never wav’ring,
But wholly trusting God;
Her path is “sturdy virtue”,
Which our Pilgrim Mothers trod.

With certitude her toil and strain,
Can seem near never-ending, but;
Performed with grace and faithfulness;
Her works are worth commending.

A diamond in the rough is she,
The one I’ve vowed to cherish;
Imbued with living faith in God,
Without which nations perish.

Her worth exceeds the rubies
Mined in Myanmar’s rich quarries;
My heart does safely trust in her,
I never have to worry.

From the vales of Macedonia,
To the mountains of Nepal;
Many daughters have done nobly,
But my wife excels them all!

Hitherto a quarter score,
But many years I hope to savor;
If God in Heaven’s pleased
To grant more undeserv’ed favor.

—Justin Turley, 2013