He was one of those unique men who understood his calling, and never felt that his calling was in any way limited by his experiences. —Dr. George Grant

Determination… that is the one word that characterizes this man from beginning to end… determination. —James I. Robertson

A451661I recently had the pleasure of watching the latest video release from Franklin Springs Family Media. From the very beginning of this inspiring film, it is apparent that Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story is not going to be what one would expect from a documentary of one of the most revered military men in world history. While not diminishing the importance of the role he played in the War Between the States, Still Standing emphasizes those attributes of the man’s character that made him so beloved among his men.

In this film, you will learn of the early childhood hardships that helped to shape the character of the man who would later be known as Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson — among those being the early death of his father and the life-changing charge of his dying mother to “…embrace the Christian religion.” You will also follow Jackson through the Mexican American War and his pursuit of and eventual denial of Roman Catholicism. Learn also of his passion to convey the Gospel to the slaves, as well his gentle affection towards children.

Still Standing is a beautifully-told story of a real Christian hero whose determination and quest for godly excellence has won him a lasting place in history as well as in the hearts of Americans generations after his death. Click here to visit the Franklin Springs Family Media Web site and purchase your copy of Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story.